Still Deliberating

Others are in love

Together, celebrating

Not I, I have no friends

Not even up to dating

To date is to relate

And I am not relating

I could die in the meantime

Whilst still deliberating

To date or not to date… that is the golden fried question that riddles my mind daily. I choose losers. Or they choose me. Perhaps both: Until I figure that out… 3 years and counting… I cannot date properly. I have to be fully okay with who I am, and feel comfortable enough in my own skin to be a proper partner who can love and be loved without fear. I am not quite there yet, but I am moving in the right direction.

My mental health has to come first, above all. This is not selfish, as I once believed. What is selfish is not taking care of my own mental and physical health. I can see that now. If you are struggling with your mental health, know that you have a friend in me!

I may be a total jerk at times, but I love humanity so much. I get angry with the elites who run this world and all I have to say is that my anger is born from my surroundings. The World is an angry and unforgiving place to be right now. I have towed the fine line, censoring my own thoughts and words. I have pushed my faith under the rug, as to not offend anyone. That is over with, as you can tell if you have seen this blog as of late. I am back and this is me, healthy. Balls to the wall and unapologetically human, to be quite frank!

Thank you for sticking with me here on my very gray blog. I appreciate your support more than I lead on. It hurts me that most people are forced to walk on eggshells because of big tech tyranny, fake news, tightly woven division, the education system, the Government’s cancel culture and the elitist one percent.

The world is standing up against the elitist punks sowing division. I am going to speak my own truth. What’s the worst that can happen to me? Death? I’m okay with that if it means that my children KNOW that they have a right to think whatever they think and express how they feel without fear of retribution.

I asked my kid, don’t you think you have a right to speak up for what you believe in? You do know we live in a free Country, right? He looked at me, 10 years old, and said, I don’t know. I said, what do you mean you don’t know? He just shrugged his shoulders at the time. That was nearly 5 years ago, in America. What in the world are these teachers doing to our precious children? Abusing them, that’s what. That’s all I have for now.

Happy blogging!

With Love,

The Mad Chatter

Falling Down

Every time I step up

I see you looking down

Laughing as I stumble

Falling to the ground

You are as angry as a hornet

There is no question why

But you still kick when I’m down

Even though you know how hard I have tried

I want to get along with you

But you beat me so and my heart froze blue

So what I’m gonna need from you

Is to feel my true heart

Because I am only human too

Love and positive vibes to those who are suffering at the hands of others! This poem was never directed at the blogging community. The you, to which I speak of, goes out to those people in my own life who are unable to meet me half way, no matter how hard I try to meet them half way. I fully apologize for not specifying that as I would normally do, and if I offended any bloggers, I am sorry.

What I write comes from my soul, and is never aimed at any specific human being. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I always stick my foot in my mouth, but I am not a malicious person. I just felt the need to clarify that because I respect my subscribers, and when I read this back without an explanation I saw that my, you, could be construed as my subs. That broke my heart. I am never out to hurt you, the blogging community.

Thank you for not choosing to unsubscribe to my blog. I appreciate you all very much.

With love,

The Mad Chatter

Biden Talks About Sucking the Blood of Children… WTF? πŸ€ͺ

God help us… this man is sick. The reporter didn’t ask Joe about Q-Anon conspiracy theories. She didn’t even get to ask her question before he spewed this garbage out of his pie hole! Sickeningly accurate or what? The answer is, yes Joe, we actually do think you have used, adrenochrome, which is extracted from the adrenal glands and blood of babes. Then again, some of us don’t believe that. That is not the point… the point is outlined below.

Regardless: You think we all believe you suckle the blood out of children, clearly, so maybe it’s actually and factually, a slip of your dementia ridden tongue. Weird AF! Creepy AF! Who is running our Country, cause it is not this fool! That much I can tell you!

WOW JOE, WOW! What did you just say again? Remember? The thing about sucking the blood of children?

Now you have me wondering Joe. Now you have the whole world wondering! Why in the Sam hell you would imply that all Republicans believe that you do those things to children? You can’t lump them all together like that.

ACDC Parodies Vaccines πŸ˜‚

This is so funny!!! Have a laugh (drink) on me, yeyah, that’s right, awwww! Pfizer Struck and more… comedy is back. Thank you, ACDC! You have greatly improved my day!

When humans fight back:

Targets Identified and Annihilated by ACDC πŸ˜†

Whether you are for or against the jab, this video is hilarious. America… and my fellow humans… you have the right to laugh, even when you do or don’t agree. Comedy is dead? Not anymore. We’re not gonna take it anymore!

With Love,

The Mad Chatter

This is NOT funny, but is factually certain, according to the CDC (trust the Science).πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ


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