Josh Duggar: Out on Bail/Hide Your Children

Josh Duggar is a pedophile
A repulsive, vulgar beast
Stealing children’s innocence
Soul sucking, in his feast

How he is out of jail
I cannot understand
Just how much sexual abuse
Must his child victims withstand

He started by molesting his four sisters
Than graduated to pornography
Got married to Anna
Then they built a family

A family of nine, to be exact
He has seven children of his own
He should not be near those kids
Refer to his past, to which he is prone

Henceforth, Joshua Duggar will be called Dirty Duggar on this blog.

Why, you ask? Because he has earned his title! It’s probably only a matter of time before his little girls tell somebody what Dirty Duggar has done to them under the protection of the elders. As of today there are no sexual allegations against Dirty Duggar by his children or any other children. He allegedly, ‘just’ enjoys viewing child pornography, and hasn’t re-offended since he got a miniscule amount of counseling as a youngster.

I am fairly certain that he would molest a child if he could get away with such a heinous crime. He has six targets sitting in his house right now. But, he is being kept away from all children at the moment. Thank God for that!

Listen, I am tired of these punks getting off easy. Child pornography is the lowest, filthiest, most depraved act against children, next to child snuff films! These people are evil and he calls himself a Christian.

What human gets busted with C.P., including very disturbing images of children from 18 months old to twelve years old and gets released back into society? Dirty Duggar, that’s who!

To Anna Duggar… leave that child molesting monster behind before he ruins your children’s lives. Get away from that abomination of a man you call your husband. He is part of the dark side. 🀨You have one chance to protect your babies. Just do it! Please! Dirty Duggar wants to come home. That is a hard pass, so says the Judge.

Anyone who is against child pornography and human trafficking would have to objectively agree with me here. You should never leave any child alone with Dirty Duggar. If present repeats the past, your kids are in danger. Dirty is 33 years old. He is not going to change! He is going to keep looking at adult and child pornography because he is sick. He may even offend your children. Can you live with that Anna?

God help you, you poor woman! I will pray that you get yourself and your children away from that man.

Josh Duggar has plead innocent to the child pornography charges. He has been released on bail and will not be allowed to be around ANY children. He may not be a flight threat, but in my opinion, he is a direct threat to any child in his presence [especially his own children]. I am not a lawyer, doctor, and have no fancy title. These are my thoughts on what Dirty Duggar is capable of doing, considering what he has done in the past.

I am saddened by the amount of Dirty Duggars who continue to infect the children of the world with their sexuality depravity! Maybe this Dirty Duggar will finally spend some time behind bars, where he clearly belongs.

I have zero tolerance for any form of child abuse and show no mercy. Predators show no mercy. Why should I? I shouldn’t. My soul was made to protect God’s children. And so it is!

I’ll leave it there for now. Difficult discussions such as these are necessary. I know the topic is heavy but imagine how the children feel. Thank you for stopping by my blog. πŸ™πŸΌ


The Mad Chatter

Drawing Anime Attempt 1: Naruto

Naruto is a really awesome anime character that my son loves. So, I did my best to draw the character. It’s a 17 year old version of Naruto, in my mind. My son is 17, and I made it for him. Bonding with my son… nice!

I would love to take a class on how to draw Anime, in general. I just might do that!πŸ€” I love learning new things and this was super fun for me. Why not? No reason. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by my blog today.


The Mad Chatter

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