MC Hammer Gif, with the demon from The Ring… pardon her!

You can easily see the creature crawling out of my laptop.

What is she doing there and why is she so tiny?

Are ghosts able to choose their own size?

All good questions.

Thank you for humoring me.

All I did was put the three snapshots together to find this Ring like female…

I wish she would just get to the point already, but no… ghosts are always hiding. Especially when they know you have holy water nearby.

At least my ex fiance left me with that holy water to rid me of my demons. Not! 🤣

Why do they hang out, but refuse to show themselves?


💚, The Mad Chatterer

Published by J.Bosh

Who am I? What a difficult question to answer, even for me. Let's talk about me. Awkward already. I am a 41 year old mother of three, one that has already flown the coup. I am a warrior for children... may my vengeance rain down upon anyone who would dare to lay a hand on their child. I am a conspiracy theorist, which means that I am a thinker... all things that can be proven began with a theory. Am I correct? Rhetorical questions are my things. And puns. I am half realist and half visionary. And as Marshall Mathers says, a visionary, vision is scary. But do not be afraid. For I am only human. I'm a little nutty, but I'm not a fruit. Not that there's anything wrong with fruit.

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