This octopus is smarter than us… maybe;

Just in case you are getting a big head, this octopus is here to bring you back down to his level… I kid, but this is amazing to watch. I won’t dip a toe in the ocean, sea, or river… just a chlorine pool for me. I have no idea what is down there, all those miles beneath the surface of the water. A most frightening thought, to some. I would rather watch these brave men and women capture these shots than get in the water and tango with them myself. I don’t agree with eating octopus. Ever! I get disgusted just walking by the site of someone about to indulge in eating one. Like pigs… too dirty and smart to eat. Now I am going on and on… get to the point Jessica! Oh, yes… this octopus humbled me this morning! Thank you kindly sir!

I love, love, love the Octopus! What is your favorite sea dweller? Please leave a comment below and enjoy this smart guy, figure out how to pull a fish out of a baby bottle, from the nipple. I know I couldn’t do that with my God given equipment. Just sayin. Amazing!


The Mad Chatter

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Who am I? What a difficult question to answer, even for me. Let's talk about me. Awkward already. I am a 41 year old mother of three, one that has already flown the coup. I am a warrior for children... may my vengeance rain down upon anyone who would dare to lay a hand on their child. I am a conspiracy theorist, which means that I am a thinker... all things that can be proven began with a theory. Am I correct? Rhetorical questions are my things. And puns. I am half realist and half visionary. And as Marshall Mathers says, a visionary, vision is scary. But do not be afraid. For I am only human. I'm a little nutty, but I'm not a fruit. Not that there's anything wrong with fruit.

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