Gray Matter

If you have been following my blog for a while, you already know it’s a bit mad. I’m not crazy. I’m eccentric. Odd. Abnormal. Exotic. Hard to figure out. At least these are words that I have heard from others, throughout my life.

I couldn’t agree more! I live not in a white or black world. I live in the gray area of my brain. Where… all matters are pondered.

I’m definitely an over thinker. I love solitude. But I get lonely sometimes.

My music collection is huge, and includes everything from Jack Johnson to Pantara. I try to keep politics and entertainment separate. For a long time, I was so depressed I couldn’t stand to listen to music.

Not anymore. After I kicked my ex fiance out of the house, the atmosphere lifted. The darkness crumbled away and I started to listen to music again. I started singing and dancing around the house, like I did years before. I learned to enjoy sobriety.

I am weird and that’s okay. I would rather be hard to read than to be ‘normal’. What is normal anyway? VANILLA.

I don’t want to be vanilla. I want to be sherbert, rainbow colored. Uniquely human.

So, if you are wondering how to figure out what I am trying to tell you, know that you are not alone. It’s okay if I get things wrong. Like, no… Billie Eilish DID NOT see my comment like I thought. 🤣

It’s okay. I am even more humbled that I actually thought Billie Eilish would take a moment out of her insane schedule to view my comment. 😳🤣 You learn something new every day, right? Noteworthy: Your comment will always be the top comment on YouTube. 😂I like that I can laugh at myself for my own stupidity. I can’t help but to live in the gray area.

One day you might see a sleek poem, like, The Posh Englishman. The next day, I could be posting about seeing Kobe Bryant’s daughter post death, which I saw, in a vision… before anyone else knew who else was in that plane… before I even knew Kobe had children. I asked my son, why am I seeing a little girl? Does he have a little girl? My son quickly looked the information up on the internet and saw that he had 4 daughters. Still, no news had been released about her being in the crash. I also got a G name… and it was Gianna who I saw in my mind.

Sound crazy? I know. I don’t even believe this! I honestly wish ghosts would show themselves. They like to hang around me and put visions of their last moments into my mind, but is it just dumb luck? Like, I am shook.

I don’t follow basketball and I knew nothing about this man… so how did I know Gianna was with Kobe?

Any psychic people out there? Please help me. I am living in the gray matter and I need your support.

I hate the KNOWING. I posted The Knowing, a day before anyone else knew that we were going to send a drone up someone’s 🐎. I don’t know what to think about the knowing.

Here I tried to explain myself and made a mess of the whole thing. So gray! No matter.

Have a great day.


The Mad Chatter

Published by J.Bosh

Who am I? What a difficult question to answer, even for me. Let's talk about me. Awkward already. I am a 41 year old mother of three, one that has already flown the coup. I am a warrior for children... may my vengeance rain down upon anyone who would dare to lay a hand on their child. I am a conspiracy theorist, which means that I am a thinker... all things that can be proven began with a theory. Am I correct? Rhetorical questions are my things. And puns. I am half realist and half visionary. And as Marshall Mathers says, a visionary, vision is scary. But do not be afraid. For I am only human. I'm a little nutty, but I'm not a fruit. Not that there's anything wrong with fruit.

6 thoughts on “Gray Matter

  1. Don’t overthink it….perhaps you just use your brain more than most people. It seems that you are very content on the channel you selected in life…so just enjoy the ride, my friend! Most people today cannot even find their remote.

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    1. Thank you Penny… you have me in happy tears over here. That you would think of me, makes me feel like I am doing okay. I am really hard on myself, as you know. You and other bloggers keep me going every day. I really appreciate all of you so much. Hugs, Jessica


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