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My Own Best Friend

Every time I dare to climbI stumble down and fallCrawling back inside myselfInto a fetal ball But legs tend to bounce backThough hearts take time to healAs time keeps marching onwardTowards the end of life’s reveal So, I crawl out of my fetal ballNow that I feel strong againSlowly beginning to love myselfAs if IContinue reading “My Own Best Friend”

Oxygen Flow

The Center for Disease Control, now recommends Pantyhose over your tripled up masks, my friends This is not satire, though I wish it was so Because human beings require, oxygen flow I looked into this y’all and it’s true. 😆 The CDC is getting more ridiculous as the days go by. Next thing you knowContinue reading “Oxygen Flow”

Movie and Song Titles Shenanigans

Men in Black Boys in the Hood Coyote Ugly Through the Woods Flat Liners And Lemonade Brown Eyed Girl And Purple Haze Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Dazed and Confused Star Wars, Clone Attack Back to the Future Jodie Foster The Accused Contact Matthew McConaughey Jack Black starred in The School of Rock KungContinue reading “Movie and Song Titles Shenanigans”

Bitcoin 🤑 Investment Chat

Hey everyone. I hope you are doing well! I want to talk with you about my investment in the crypto currency, Bitcoin. I know it’s off topic, but hey, why not? Investing… Let’s talk about it. I began investing money in Bitcoin, little by little, in November of 2020. I struck gold! Elon Musk putContinue reading “Bitcoin 🤑 Investment Chat”

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