About Depression

Everything is happening all at once, and I feel like a pile of heavy steel is sitting on my chest. My eyes are drown with tears that won’t stop falling. It feels like I don’t exist, or if I do, I shouldn’t. My face is swollen. My mind is running the gamete of emotions. IContinue reading “About Depression”

I’m Sensitive and I’d like to stay that way, by Jewel

Hello my friends. Oofta. If I could get the statistics of the times I have spoken the wrong words, there wouldn’t be a value high enough count them. I mess up all the time. Yesterday I called myself bozo, for thinking 2020, was zozo. Without thought, I commented 3 times… too many, and ouch! But,Continue reading “I’m Sensitive and I’d like to stay that way, by Jewel”

We are all cousins

One can lie, to whose inside, but know that we are all cousins Human beings, yearning all the same, just to have someone to love em For some of us, are not robust, enough to deal with all these people Taking issue, with men and women, preaching a top, their churchy steeples Nobody likes aContinue reading “We are all cousins”